Trip Inspiration

Earth Day Every Day: Six Ways To Lighten Your Environmental Load On Your Next Visit

As more and more of us look for ways to reduce our impact on the environment, taking steps to ensure leisure activities make less of a toll on the planet is becoming increasingly important to today’s travellers. From restaurants and hotels to tour providers and agri-tourism destinations, travel partners across Ontario’s Southwest are embracing the challenge of making operational changes today for a brighter tomorrow…

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Experience Maple Season

Locals often overlook the amazing experiences within their own backyards because they aren’t in the “tourist mindset”. Challenge yourself to be as open to new experiences as you’d be on vacation…

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A Virtual Local Cook-Off…with Wine

When the weather is not always the best for driving your can still keep up the spirit of dinner parties. Pick your video chat program of choice and enjoy an evening in with friends, no matter where they are…

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