Trip Inspiration

Locally Sourced Charcuterie Board

Entertaining is always a favourite holiday season activity. Ramp up the flavours of your get together by crafting a charcuterie board full of locally made foods. There's so many food producers in the local area have products that will make your board unique and delicious! Here are just some of our…

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The Home Chef Stock Up

There are two camps of grocery shoppers: those who hate the task and those who actually don’t mind or may even enjoy doing it. Unfortunately, even those of us who don’t dread going out for groceries have been challenged to find pleasure in trips to the supermarket over the course of the pandemic. If months of retail roadblocks like longer lineups, shortages, and “creative” substitutions in online orders have squeezed every ounce of pleasure from your weekly shop, it’s time to shake up your grocery game…

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The Suite Life

While it’s an exciting prospect that so much in the region is opening back up, it still might feel a little nerve-wracking to get out of the house and “travel” again. Taking a nearby trip in Ontario's Southwest feels a little more comforting when you know you have some of the conveniences of home with you…

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