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We are happy to welcome visitors to experience the beauty and memories that our home has to offer. As a way to ensure Ontario’s Southwest can continue to be enjoyed by current and future generations, we ask that you please sign the Responsible Travel Pledge.

1. Embrace “land stewardship” and leave all places in a better state than when I originally arrived by respecting the land as a community that I belong to and recognizing that resources must be replenished.

2. Acknowledge that this land and its territories have been and continue to be cared for by Indigenous Peoples as one way to work towards building a collaborative future together and work towards reconciliation.

3. Respect all living beings I interact with, no matter their background.

4. Work towards reducing my carbon footprint and be aware of the waste produced during my travels by only using what I need.

5. Choose to purchase locally made souvenirs, dine at restaurants that support the local economy, and participate in experiences offered by local community members (even if other options are cheaper).

6. Be aware of my surroundings and understand that all my actions while travelling have a social, environmental, and economic impact.

7. Educate myself about a destination by doing research before arriving, taking a step back to observe while visiting, and continuing to support the community that welcomed me by informing others of how to enjoy its beauty sustainably.

By signing this pledge, I am taking responsibility for the influence my actions and inactions have and understand the importance of doing my best to be more aware of the impact that myself and any travel companions may have while exploring Ontario’s Southwest.

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