Locals often overlook the amazing experiences within their own backyards because they aren’t in the “tourist mindset”. Challenge yourself to be as open to new experiences as you’d be on vacation. Many people that have lived in Ontario their entire lives haven’t taken full advantage of the maple syrup season. Which is a shame because maple syrup is an iconic internationally recognized symbol for Canada. So, don’t let another year pass you by without experiencing maple season in Ontario’s Southwest.

Road-Trip Worthy Maple Experiences and Events


Check out these sweet maple themed events, experiences, and festivals!

Family Maple Experience 


Richardson's Farm in Dunnville, offers a family maple experience for visitors to learn about the process of making maple syrup. During the tour, visitors can see how sap is collected from maple trees and boiled down into syrup. They can also participate in various activities such as tapping a tree, tasting maple taffy, and taking a wagon ride through the farm. The experience is available on Saturday, March 4, 11th or 25th. Get your tickets to this fun and educational experience, here.

Want to know more about the Family Maple Experience at Richardson's Farm & Market? Check out the video below!

The Maple Trail


The Essex Region Conservation Authority has a new Maple Trail for visitors to follow that explores various maple syrup producers to learn about the process of making maple syrup!

The Maple Tail includes stops at John R. Park Homestead and Holiday Beach and includes opportunities for guests to observe the tapping process, see how sap is boiled down into syrup, taste delicious maple products, and to participate in hands-on activities. The Maple Trail events run every weekend until March 18-19, 2023. Click here to get your tickets and get ready to experience the Canadian tradition of maple syrup production while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. 

At-Home Maple Experiences


It’s easier than ever to enjoy local from the comfort of your own home!


Make Your Own Maple Syrup


The Richardson’s at Home Tree Tapping Experiences is ideal for those wanting to learn about the creation of maple syrup. Farmer James provides you with everything that you need to successfully tap your own trees and make your own maple syrup. He’s even recorded educational videos to walk you through the process!


maple syrup in bottle

3-Courses of Maple from Home


If you're looking for those delicious and sweet local maple products, without all of the work of tapping your own tree, pick up some high quality Canadian maple syrup from a local farm in Ontario's Southwest. Click here for a map of maple syrup farms.

Then, utilize local ingredients to create a maple feast. Click the links within the menu to be directed to the recipes that were created by foodies throughout our region.




Making fresh maple lollipop



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