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Small Town Getaways ... Middlesex

While you may have probably heard about Middlesex before, you might not know the wonders hidden in this small town. Tag along as we follow Arienne Parzei on her way through four of the eight townships that compromise the town of Middlesex…

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Small Town Getaways ... Chatham

An artist retreat for the not so artsy, even better for anyone particularly interested in art. Located about halfway between Windsor and London, Chatham has become a cultural hub of arts and entertainment and is experiencing a renaissance thanks in part to unique and trendy businesses opening across town…

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Accessible in the Forest City and Beyond

London Ontario businesses and officials have worked hard to make the Forest City a destination that welcomes all. To find them all in a single place, Tourism London has created a helpful webpage with a list with direct links to each business; find that list here…

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