Did you know that on the north shore of Lake Erie is an internationally recognized biosphere reserve that provides an example of the Great Lakes coastal ecosystem and a unique blend of habitats? In the heart of Carolinian Canada in Norfolk County you'll find the Long Point Biosphere Reserve which has been identified as an example of the Great Lakes coastal ecosystem and a unique blend of habitats. This region is home to the greatest number of plants and animals and the highest densities of wildlife in all of Canada!

As a result of all this uniqueness, there's so much amazing experiences available in the area. From outdoor experiences to delicious local food finds with a touch of culture and history, you will find a selection of amazing places to create memories with your family and friends. 

Want to learn more about the Long Point Biosphere and what makes it so important for conservation of biodiversity with sustainable community development? Find more in-depth information here.

Best of all, you're already in the right spot to start exploring with this unique destination with these specifically planned itineraries!

Family Fun


Create unforgettable memories with the family and recharge your batteries by spending time outdoors at these best of Long Point Biosphere Reserve locations. The following curated itineraries let everyone in the family enjoy a simpler, authentic way of life in this coastal ecosystem.

Hike & Swim

Start of your adventure with a hike and follow it up with tasty treats and a dip in Lake Erie before you camp it up.

Learn & Play

Test out your fishing & paddling skills, or try them for the first time at scenic Deer Creek Conservation.

Port Dover Fun

There's plenty of fun waiting for you in quaint Port Dover with hiking, local food, rich history, and the beach!

Perfect for Couples


Connect with the people and the unique environment of the Long Point Biosphere Region with itineraries that are designed specifically for couples who want to get away. These itineraries have planned out a trip for you to experience the local culture and connect with nature.

The Best of Norfolk

Paddle Canada's Amazon with a guided paddle, enjoy great brews & views overlooking the landscape before relaxing in luxury.

Nature Exploration

No shortage of photo opportunities in the itinerary with picturesque gardens, paddling fun, and exploring rich culture.

Chill and Explore


Have a good time, explore, immerse yourself in the local environment and love to have some fun. These experiences will get you moving, learning and simply enjoying the best of what the Long Point Biosphere Region has to offer!

Check out the following videos to learn more about the Amazing Places in the Long Point Biosphere region's unique biodiversity, landscape and views. These films truly capture the natural beauty of the north shore of Lake Erie in the heart of Carolinian Canada. Listen to the stories of the people of the Long Point Biosphere Region and connect to these Amazing Places with outstanding environmental and cultural significance.

Amazing Places