Each year, to celebrate the local businesses and people who make Ontario's Southwest a must-visit destination, we host the Ontario's Southwest Tourism Innovation Awards! Nominees come from Windsor to Caledonia and represent some of the best attractions to visit if you're seeking a unique and sustainable experience. 

It's time you met the winners of the 2022 Ontario's Southwest Tourism Innovation Awards!  

Beachville District Museum


The Beachville District Museum is a historic site located in the small town of Beachville, Ontario. This museum was recognized as the 2022 Innovator of the Year for its dedication to preserving local history in innovative ways. The museum showcases the area's rich past, including the story of the first recorded baseball game. Visitors can explore interactive exhibits and artifacts, take a guided tour, or participate in one of the museum's special events.

Pro-tip: check out the upcoming events hosted by the Beachville District Museum and plan your visit accordingly!

Afro Caribbean Culinary Experience by Yaya's Kitchen


If you're a foodie looking for a unique culinary experience, you won't want to miss the Afro Caribbean Culinary Experience by Yaya's Kitchen. Yaya's Kitchen was honoured as the 2022 Innovative Experience of the Year for their immersive cultural experience that's like no other. During the Afro Caribbean Culinary Experience, guests are taught about the global experience of African, Black and Caribbean people and the markers for food that bind them together through a lovingly curated tasting menu. 

This experience is so much more than a dinner. Guests will learn about the country of origin, the process of its creation, and its importance to that culture, people and community. They even bring out the raw ingredients to be seen, tasted, smelled and experienced. 

Jireh Hills Family Homestead


Jireh Hills Family Homestead won the 2022 Sustainability Trailblazer of the Year award for their innovative approach to sustainable tourism.

Raised as urbanites, Cheryl and John Mark, made a leap of faith and sold everything, moving to the country to raise their family, grow their own food and learn how to live a sustainable lifestyle on 50 acres. After years of experience running their farm, they've created Jireh Hills Family Homestead to share their story with guests and to teach others how to live more sustainably!

Each winner of the 2022 Ontario's Southwest Tourism Innovation Awards are worth adding to your next travel itinerary! Looking for even more memory-making experiences for your family to connect? Browse our collection of experiences and itineraries that have been optimized for maximum fun and will set the stage for you to learn, play, and explore as a family.