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Guess Where Trips: The Perfect Gift for the Adventurous Person in Your Life

Everyone has that spontaneous adventure seeker on their holiday shopping list. You know, the one who knows the best places to explore, the most exceptional restaurants to eat at, and where to find unique experiences. They are vivacious, fun, and find “the unknown” to be exciting! They are also impossible to shop for. What do you buy for someone who is only interested in collecting memories and doesn’t want tangible things? Have you guessed where we are going with this? (hint!)…

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Plan Your Vegan Adventure to the Small Towns of Ontario's Southwest

The cities of Ontario’s Southwest have incredible vegan restaurants and it will take you weeks to try them all. Did you know that the region’s small towns also have delicious vegan eats? While there aren’t as many completely plant-based restaurants in the smaller towns and villages, there are quite a few establishments that are “plant forward” or feature several vegan dishes…

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