Trip Inspiration

6 Must-Drive Routes for Ontario Road Trips this Fall

There’s something special about road-tripping in Ontario’s Southwest during the fall. It could be the scenic backroads that you take or the picturesque small towns you visit along the way. Or maybe it’s the restaurants you discover that only serve the freshest, locally sourced, fall flavours…

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Small Town Getaways ... Chatham

An artist retreat for the not so artsy, even better for anyone particularly interested in art. Located about halfway between Windsor and London, Chatham has become a cultural hub of arts and entertainment and is experiencing a renaissance thanks in part to unique and trendy businesses opening across town…

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Craft Beer Coasting

A sunny afternoon is a perfect time to gather your beer-loving bubble, nominate a designated driver and set out on a scenic craft beer cruise to a new-to-you corner of Ontario’s Southwest…

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