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Small Town Getaways ... Chatham

An artist retreat for the not so artsy, even better for anyone particularly interested in art. Located about halfway between Windsor and London, Chatham has become a cultural hub of arts and entertainment and is experiencing a renaissance thanks in part to unique and trendy businesses opening across town…

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Black History in Ontario’s Southwest

It is important to learn about the history of our area. The good, the bad,and the inspiring. Learning about Black history is important for every single person in Ontario’s Southwest during Black History Month and every other day of the year too. You need to know about the history before you can build a better future…

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Top Down: 3 Must-Drive Routes for Ontario Convertible Owners this Fall

If you’re lucky enough to own a convertible, you already know how much fun it is to drive the scenic Southwest roads in the fall. But, if you aren’t a convertible owner, don’t sweat it! We’ve created three must-drive routes to convince your friend with a convertible to road trip with you this fall. Don’t forget to call ahead and make sure that the locations listed are open on the day that you want to visit…

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