Just how hot is the non-alcoholic drink market? Some predictions anticipate that global market share for non-alcoholic beers will grow even more than craft beer in the next five to ten years. Increasing consumer demand for spirit-free sipping has savvy wineries, breweries, cideries and bartenders upping their game when it comes to their offerings. Whether you’re sober, sober curious, or just want to taste one of the most buzzed-about beverage trends for yourself, here are a dozen drinks that are well worth a road trip … no designated driver required!


London Brewing Company’s Chinook Bubbles Hop Water, London


This sensational sipper isn’t just alcohol-free; it’s also calorie-free! The brewery’s other alcohol-free options include Forest City Botanical’s delicious organic tonics. The Organic Elderberry Tonic is flavoured with holy basil, black currant and dandelion. The Organic Nettle Raspberry Tonic, with ashwagandha and rosehip, is a ruby-red, restorative sparkling beverage with an herbal lemonade flavour that’s not too sweet and not too earthy.



Booch’s Moonbrews and Kombuchas, made in London, available throughout Ontario


In addition to a super-popular line of organic Kombuchas, Booch now produces Jun Moonbrews. These tasty probiotic tonics are crafted with raw jun culture, raw Ontario honey, pure filtered water, and organic Sencha green tea and infused with a variety of natural ingredients

Paradigm Spirits Co.’s The Cassia Kid, London


A place that offers its own cocktail classes is sure to have some truly outstanding mocktail options, and The Cassia Kid is a winner. With pineapple, jalapeno, lime, burnt cinnamon and ginger beer, this drink has serious layers of flavours that will quickly have you ordering another round! Click here to learn more about Paradigm Spirits Co. 

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The Cider Keg’s Sparkling Apple Cider, Vittoria


The Cider Keg’s delicious non-alcoholic ciders are crafted with care using only pure juice with no added water or sugar. There are lots of fun flavours to try, including Apple, Cranberry, Golden Apple, Peach, Tart Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Christmas Apple, Blush Twist, Bubbly Blonde and Crimson Cabaret. Fun fact: King Charles and Camilla raised a glass of The Cider Keg’s cider to celebrate Canada’s 150th!



David’s Non-Alcoholic Cocktails, Port Dover


If you want to enjoy your alcohol-free beverage with a stunning view, it doesn’t get much better than sipping on a Strawberry Basil No-jito (their take a non-alcoholic mojito) and watching the warm Lake Erie waves roll in at David’s Restaurant in Port Dover. Order a few sides, like fresh oysters and a Dover Cheese Shop Platter, and you’ve got a recipe for a perfect afternoon.

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Upper Thames Brewing Co.’s Soft Drinks, Woodstock


These fizzy favourites have no funky dye or artificial flavourings, just simple ingredients like water, natural cane sugar, vanilla extract, and lemon juice. Enjoy it with a basket of onion rings from the brewery’s Brickhouse Brew Pub for a truly retro treat!

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Maiden Lane Wine & Spirits’ Spicy Strawberry Shrub, Windsor


Maiden Lane is a bar and bottle shop that rounds out guests’ sipping options with an impressive list of low- and no-ABV (alcohol by volume) drinks. The Spicy Strawberry Shrub sparkles with strawberries, spicy apple cider vinegar and soda.



Kingsville Brewing Co's Hop Water, Kingsville


The taste and scent of Kingsville Brewing Co's Hop Water are rich in lemony citrus and hints of freshly mowed grass. Paired with its lively fizz, this hop water offers the essence and fragrance of hops without the bitter edge.

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Refined Fool’s Placebo, Sarnia


You can count on the Refined Fool crew to make a beverage that’s 100% fun, despite having zero alcohol, calories, carbs, or sugar! This hop-heavy sipper features Idaho Gem hops, known for adding a citrus flavour to drinks.


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Hat Trick Farms’ Mint Tulip, Blenheim


As part of its two-hour Beyond The Vase Tulip Experience, Hat Trick Farms serves guests a signature alcohol-free Mint Julep. It’s the perfect way to quench your thirst after a scavenger hunt through the flower field and fun, hands-on flower art activities! This experience can only be booked during the tulip season, so make sure to get your tickets when they are available in early spring. 


Hat Trick Farm

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Twisted Lemon’s Zero Alcohol Negroni, Cayuga


Twisted Lemon’s impressive mocktail list includes timeless classics, such as their non-alcoholic take on an Old Fashioned made with Monday Zero Alcohol Whiskey and alcohol-free bitters as well as exciting new creations, like the Galaxy Swirls. This masterpiece in a glass consists of their house-made lemonade, activated charcoal, whole vanilla bean syrup, glittery galaxy swirls & dehydrated star fruit.


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