If it’s been a few years since you’ve explored the craft beer scene in Ontario’s Southwest, you’re in for a very tasty surprise. A fresh new crop of craft breweries has arrived to complement the many mainstays that had already set a high standard for suds in the region.

To help narrow down your options for a day of touring and tasting, check out the video sneak peeks of long-time local favourites below. We’ve paired them up with nearby suggestions to help you discover some of the newer brewers in Ontario’s Southwest.


Exploring Chatham-Kent’s Craft Beer Scene


Long Loved


There’s more to Erieau than the beach! Enjoy a pint of lager by Lake Erie at Bayside Brewing Co.!



Perfect Pairing Suggestion: Head to Renny’s The Village Smokehouse in Wheatly to enjoy Bayside beer with delicious barbecue.

Tasty premium beers steal the show at Sons of Kent’s cool location in a former Chatham movie theatre.



Awesome Additions Nearby


Exploring Norfolk County’s Craft Beer Scene

Long Loved


New Limburg Brewing Company’s refreshing Belgian-style ales score top marks at this craft brewery housed in a former Simcoe school.



Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm in La Salette believes truly local beer starts with locally grown hops. Taste the difference in their premium pints! 



Awesome Additions Nearby

Perfect Pairing Suggestion: Try Charlotteville Brewing Company’s Tailgate Party with Mustard + Relish’s Bison Burger.


Exploring London’s Craft Beer Scene


Long Loved


Discover why the name Toboggan Brewing Company raises a glass to the heritage of London as you sip on their storied suds.



Awesome Additions Nearby

Perfect Pairings Suggestions: Try Storm Stayed’s Patina Irish Red alongside one of Pizzeria Madre’s delicious pies, or Anderson Craft Ale’s Cream Ale with the Hog Town Classic sandwich served at the brewery’s on-site restaurant, EatOA.


Exploring Windsor’ Essex’s Craft Beer Scene


Long Loved


Taste for yourself why Walkerville Brewery has earned a coveted spot on WindsorEats’ Drinks of Walkerville Tour.

Lot 10 Brewing Company’s extensive collection of beer comes with a serious side of history and heritage. In 1842 the property this craft brewer now calls home was advertised as “the best fitted-out Saloon in Western Canada.”



Banded Goose Brewing Co., the brewing “wing” of Jack’s Gastropub, has been perfecting their craft pints since 2013.

Perfect Pairing Suggestion: For the perfect barbecue, after stocking up on beverages at Banded Goose, head to Lee and Maria’s for burger patties and the freshest tomatoes, sweet onions, leaf lettuce and gourmet condiments.



Awesome Additions Nearby


Exploring The St. Thomas Craft Beer Scene


Long Loved


Railway City Brewing Company may have got its start as a single-car garage you-brew, but it’s shifted gears over the years and become a St. Thomas institution.



Awesome Additions Nearby

Caps Off Brewing Company, St. Thomas

Perfect Pairing Suggestion: Caps Off regularly collaborates with local businesses, like Shebaz’s Shawarma, and Plaza Sushi. Ask them for their latest and greatest food pairing suggestion when you stop in to stock up!


Exploring Sarnia Lambton’s Craft Beer Scene


Long Loved


Refined Fool Brewing Co., once just a dream shared by a small group of beer-loving friends, is a downtown Sarnia brewpub with a flowing friendly vibe for all.

Perfect Pairing Suggestion: Try Refined Fool’s Van Full of Weirdos with a plate of Philly Cheese Jakes’ Loaded Nachos.



The brew crew at Stonepicker Brewing Company in Plympton-Wyoming proves that crafting beer is way tastier work than hauling rocks!



Awesome Additions Nearby


Other Awesome Additions To Check Out In Ontario’s Southwest


Perfect Pairing Suggestion: Sip on a pint of Rusty Wrench’s Oxidation Amber while you dig into the Wagyu Burger at The Clock Tower Inn.

  • Strathroy Brewing Company boasts beer that is unfiltered and unpasteurized. This approach preserves the delicate flavours and aromas. You’ll notice a swirl of yeast at the bottom of their bottles that is evidence of these time-honoured techniques.
  • Upper Thames Brewing Company is Oxford County's first and only small batch, craft brewery, located in the heart of Woodstock. They source close-to-home ingredients whenever possible and often collaborate with other locally operated businesses.

Perfect Pairing Suggestion: Try Upper Thames’ Take A Hike while enjoying a few slices of Handeck from Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheeses.

What’s your perfect pairing of craft breweries in Ontario’s Southwest? Share pictures of your favourites on social using #OSWPerfectPairings.