Welcome back, Happy Campers! If you have been following the Happy Camper’s Road Trip through Southwest Ontario lately, you will be thrilled to hear that a new series is live on his YouTube channel. After a fun time visiting a few Ontario parks, Kevin is now heading to 4 conservation areas in the region. If you missed our previous blog, click here to read it!  

Same as the last time, Kevin hopes to turn this road trip into an opportunity to deeply explore the region, meet with local entrepreneurs and support local communities. After all, his journey would not have been the same without the small businesses brightening his day with the best local products. Here is a compilation of his videos and the highlights of his trip.

Paddling Through Wildwood Conservation Area

The Happy Camper, and his dog Angel, head out to Oxford County to try the Wildwood Conservation Area’s backcountry campsites, but not before picking up a couple of supplies from local shops including Upper Thames Brewing Co.Habitual Chocolate and Kintore Coffee.

Camping at Fanshawe Conservation Area

It’s a beautiful morning in the forest city, and Kevin is finding his way to London's Covent Garden Market to grab some supplies for the road. Follow the group as they pitch their tent at the Fanshawe Conservation Area campground and go paddling with Nova Craft Canoe. If you are a craft beer enthusiast, don’t skip ahead, as you might miss the part where they meet with David Reed, co-founder of the Forked River Brewing Company, the first operating craft brewery in the city.

From London to Sarnia-Lambton

The whole group embarks on an adventure to A.W. Campbell Conservation Area in Sarnia-Lambton. Few spoilers ahead... expect a lot of bees, a white suit, and an amused Kevin as he visits Munro Honey and Meadery. To finish their day off, they pick up local mead and fish before going on a fast boat ride between Canada and the U.S….just before a thunderstorm rolls in.

More to see at A.W. Campbell Conservation Area

While the weather might not have been in their favour, they still had a great time going on a nature walk with two members of the Lambton Wildlife Group, in search of a Sycamore tree that measures 7 ft in diameter. Certainly, a pleasant experience reconnecting with mother nature. 

First visit to the Elevated Park in St. Thomas

As their road trip comes to an end, Kevin and his family make one last stop at Dalewood Conservation Area, just outside of St. Thomas. Once there, they hike the reservoir trail and paddle the new waterway trail. You might be surprised to hear that this was Kevin’s first time at St. Thomas Elevated Park, which turned out to be just as unique as people describe it. As always, he makes a few stops along the way to support local businesses, including Caps Off Brewery and the infamous Snack Wacky Food Truck.

Conservation Areas are special places to visit because they play an important environmental, educational and recreational role in Ontario. So, whenever you’re feeling like you need to step outside and take a deep breath, think about all the conservation areas in our region that are waiting to be discovered!

Going on a road trip soon? Consider using these videos as inspiration for future travel in our region. Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures #OntSouthwest.

We are so lucky to have beautiful natural areas in Ontario’s Southwest to enjoy. Let’s take action to protect our precious natural spaces. Click here to join the #ForTheLoveOfParks movement and learn 5 ways you can help keep parks clean and safe.