If you're looking to learn more about camping, some travel inspiration or just to have a good laugh, keep on reading because you will not want to miss the Happy Camper’s latest road trip to some of the best Ontario Parks in Southwest Ontario. From scenic views, delightful food and a tranquil atmosphere, this series encompasses what it truly means to camp in the region.

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Day One: From Wildwood to Turkey Point   

After a solo adventure at Wildwood Conservation Area, Kevin is now reunited with his wife and dogs, who will be his travelling companions for the rest of the trip. In this episode, Kevin paddles the Big Creek, camps at Turkey Point Provincial Park, and eats as much Lake Erie perch as possible at Sandbar On The Beach

Day Two: A visit To Selkirk Provincial Park

The Happy Camper's next stop is to Selkirk in Haldimand County. He is there to camp, but also to help some businesses in the area. In this episode more perch was had, (Sunflower Café), a local brewery visited (Concession Road Brewery), and a stop at the historic Wilson MacDonald Memorial School Museum.

Day Three: From Haldimand to Chatham-Kent

Day three starts at the beautiful and sunny Rondeau Provincial Park, where Kevin’s dog Angel seems to be having the time of his life. Follow the happy camper on his journey to Rondeau in Chatham-Kent where he visits Charlie’s café for a freshly poured cup of coffee, sets up a campsite alongside his wife Christine and enjoys a refreshing craft beer at Red Barn Brewery.

Day Four: Camping Under the Rain at Wheatley  

On the fourth day, the Happy Camper camps at Wheatley Provincial Park in Chatham-Kent. Despite the rainy weather, Kevin’s excitement to experience the beautiful town of Wheatley never ceases. As he moves forward with his trip, he enjoys more fish, this time walleye, at Taylor’s Fish and Chip Truck and blueberry scones and jam at Parks Blueberries. 

Day Five: Camping at Port Burwell

Day five takes the Happy Camper to Elgin County for a day filled with local history and an unexpected turn of events. The first stop is to the Port Burwell Marine Museum and Lighthouse, and then to the infamous HMCS Ojibwa Submarine, but not without first making a quick stop for some ice cream at Simply Scoops Ice Cream. To finish off his day, he camps at Port Burwell Provincial Park.

Day Six: Hiking along the Thames River

It’s day 6 in Happy Camper’s road trip and this time he heads over to Komoka Provincial Park in Middlesex County where the gang is meeting up with Tim Millar, past owner of London Ontario’s Nova Craft Canoe Co. (now retired) to hike the extensive trail system in the park, along the beautiful Thames River.

Day Seven: To finish with a flourish, a visit to Long Point Bird Observatory

It's now day 7, and the Happy Camper makes one last stop at Long Point Provincial Park in Norfolk County to camp for the day, but first a quick stop for breakfast courtesy of Country Fork. On this occasion, he visits the Long Point Bird Observatory and interviews them banding birds. To finish off his trip, he grabs lunch at The Chip Ship and does a round of questions while the sun goes down. 

Congratulations! You made it through to the end. You are now one step closer to becoming a happy camper just like Kevin and his wife. There are lots of places to discover, so don’t wait until it’s too late. Start planning your next camping road trip through Southwest Ontario.

If you enjoyed this series just as much as we did, don’t forget to check out our previous blog featuring the Happy Camper for more camping adventures and stay tuned for future collaborations!

We are so lucky to have beautiful natural areas in Ontario’s Southwest to enjoy. Let’s take action to protect our precious natural spaces. Click here to join the #ForTheLoveOfParks movement and learn 5 ways you can help keep parks clean and safe.