When we merge respite and hospitality, we get Respitality. It's an opportunity for parents caring for children with disabilities to rest and rejuvenate their mental health and physical well-being.  Even if you aren't a caregiver, keep reading to see the impact this program has on families and the community as a whole. 

Everyone needs the opportunity to recharge their batteries every once in a while! Have you noticed that it's harder to truly relax in your own home? There is always something to clean, fix, or organize. That's why it's so important to be able to change up your scenery to truly relax. Research tells us that respite is even more crucial for caregivers of children with disabilities and that is why Respitality was developed and implemented by Family Respite. Their goal is to help caregivers have a short break from caregiving duties.


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How Does the Respitality Program Work?


Family Respite Services Windsor/Essex offers Respitality to families caring for children with disabilities through donations from individuals and corporations to purchase Respitality experiences for caregivers. Caregivers may opt to make it a family experience or will experience Respitality while their child is working with their support provider. Respitality is flexible and will be modified based on the families' needs.

Local businesses have also made a social responsibility commitment by donating gift cards to the program so that caregivers can indulge in an overnight stay at a local hotel or bed and breakfast, enjoy an afternoon at a restaurant, winery or brewery, or even a rejuvenating day at the spa.


What Do Caregivers Think of This Program?


They love it! But don't take our word for it.

Here are some quotes from caregivers who've used this program in the past:

“As a mom caring for two elementary aged school children (with moderate to severe autism and supportive needs), respite is crucial to survival." -  Anonymous mom in the Family Respite Program

“This Respitality Program with Family Respite Services will allow families who cannot afford these small graces a chance to take the time they do have to recharge on their terms and find confidence and calm that is so integral to the ongoing, daily care of our amazing kids.” - Megan Ball Ridgen, a mom in the Family Respite Services Program

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Photo provided by Family Respite.


How Can You Support the Respitality Program?


You can make a direct impact by donating to Family Respite Services through Canada Helps. Click here to donate


You can also share this blog post with local businesses in Windsor/Essex who may want to partner with Family Respite to provide Respitality to more families. Family Respite is looking to partner with businesses to purchase Respitality experiences with the funding already obtained.


Which Businesses Are Already Partnering in the Respitality Program?

As well as the following salons: 

Do You Know a Caregiver Who'd Benefit From the Windsor-Essex Respitality Program?


Family Respite Services welcomes families to inquire about respite supports by completing the self-referral form or by calling their office (519-972-9688).


This blog post was written in partnership with Family Respite Services.  

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