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Walkerville Eatery

911 Walker Rd.
Windsor, ON
N8Y 2N6

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In 1890 Walker Town (later Walkerville) was established by Hiram Walker. Walker created, built and operated the world renowned Canadian Club distillery on the Detroit River - Hiram Walker & Sons. Hiram Walker's vision created a self-sustaining town that was the envy of all. At Walkerville Eatery we celebrate Hiram's vision and his town of Old Walkerville. All of our ingredients are locally raised and locally grown. We shop in our neighborhood and partner with our fellow restaurateurs. Our beef is raised further south on Walker road, our wines are from Essex County and our craft beers are all from the immediate area, featuring beers from Walkerville Brewery. Our bread is baked fresh every day and supplied by Blaks bakery in the neighbourhood, another 100 year old business. The atmosphere of our eatery celebrates Walkerville’s history.

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