The Lambton County Archives is home to the preservation of the past and future. Formally known as the archival centre for genealogical and local history research of Lambton County, this facility will interest any historical enthusiast! Located in Wyoming, Ontario, this facility houses the ability to preserve and create documents for researchers in the future.

Since opening in 1974, the Lambton County Archives has grown into a network of exhibits and viewing areas where visitors can read about the past through their vastly extensive collections. Here you will find original maps, photographs, newspapers, clippings, and bibliographies of notable figures from Lambton County’s past!

archives front

The X-Files

Within the facility you will discover a unique collection of photos that have to do with X-file mysteries that have yet to be identified by the community! The X-File Photo Collection is open to the public to help recognize the place, time, or who is in the photo in order to help close the book on the files. Help classify these unidentified photos yourself!


Genealogy Hub

One of the most unique specialties of the Archives is its dedication to genealogical and family history research. Following documents such as files, newspapers, land records, photographs, and their extensive reference library, you can piece together your family tree and put the research into perspective! In addition, they provide free access to Ancestry Library to use when you are in the facility. Keep up to date with their events! They provide Genealogy Workshops designed to help beginners with how to get started in genealogy, what internet resources to use, statistics, and history.

Want to begin researching your family’s history? Attend one of Lambton County Archives’ Routes to Roots events! These genealogy-focused programs are aimed towards introducing techniques and practices to begin creating your family tree. Starting in September, this four-part event takes you from a beginner to an expert in gathering family history. The sessions include:

  • Where Do I Begin?
  • Travelling the Internet Highway
  • Secrets of the Vault
  • Genealogy in Practice


The Vault

Visitors to the Lambton County Archives often don’t get to witness what is behind the vault doors. The vault is equipped with special equipment that allows for constant humidity and temperature in order to preserve the collections secured within. Environmental conditions are crucial in keeping historical objects preserved for the future. Inside the vault, large collections of books, diaries, newspapers, photographs, and letters of historical figures of the county’s past are excellently kept. If you’re curious about the complexities of the practices that go into the vault of the Archives, ask any of the staff!


For more information on the Lambton County Archives and what it offers, click here.