Twisted Lemon Restaurant has launched a crowdsourcing campaign for their outdoor patio addition and designed compelling experiences that are available in return for your support. However, these experiences have limited space and are only available for a limited time! To learn more about the special experiences being offered, click here. On the campaign website, just click the "Get This Perk" button on the right side of your selected perk to claim your spot.

We've listed a few of the many available experiences below. 

A chef from Twisted Lemon preparing a dish

Create a Dish with Chef Dan - $500 (Ends June 4th)

Meet 1-on-1 with Chef Dan over drinks and snacks to create and name a feature menu item together! The chef is opening up 3 spots on his Feature Menu in August, September, October, and November for you. Plus receive your own monogrammed chef's coat, a copy of the menu featuring your creation, and one of your own dishes!

Cooking Class with Friends $1000 (Ends June 4th)

Consult with Chef Dan to design your own personal cooking class for up to 8 people. Customize your combination of class/menu items. Enjoy 3-courses and full-service dining including one drink per person.

Custom Chef's Table + a Pillow - $2500 (Ends June 4th)

Dine at the Chef's table, right in the Twisted Lemon private kitchen where you'll be cooked for exclusively! Chef Dan will consult with you, & pull out all the stops for your decadent, custom-designed 5-course meal. Includes a welcome cocktail, wine pairings, accommodation & continental breakfast for up to 6 guests.