Trip Inspiration | July 2017

Elgin County Bucket List

Friday, July 21, 2017 11:00 AM by Katherine Thompson

Adventure beckons as the summer of 2017 stretches out before you like a sea of endless possibilities. There is adventure to be found down every windswept country road, on every sandy beach, and on the main streets of each charming Elgin County town and village.

I had visited Norfolk County a couple of times in the past, using the area as a springboard to a great ride, following the Waterfront Trail, Port Dover to Fort Erie, or as part of a rail trail tour weekend on an Ontario By Bike Ride, from Dundas to Port Dover. I felt I knew something about the bike scene in the area. But it wasn’t until I recently spent a weekend dedicated to exploration and cycling adventures that I experienced a true appreciation for all things Norfolk.